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Integrated solution for MRO management at West Qurna-2

Project Objectives

  1. Creation of an integrated solution for managing diagnostics, maintenance and repair of wells, downhole pumping equipment, and above ground process and auxiliary equipment based on SAP ERP
  2. Integrating SAP ERP with geological, engineering and production information data sources

As part of the project ITPS:

  • Developed key MRO master data, tools and procedures for its storage and maintenance
  • Developed an interface for accessing engineering and operational documents for MRO items
  • Developed electronic equipment data sheets
  • Added a functionality to keep target and actual performance data of equipment, monitor the status of equipment once MRO operations are finished
  • Developed procedures for, and enabled automatic calculation of key parameters of MRO business processes
  • Integrated MRO processes and stock management processes
  • Developed a single solution for integrating an SAP-based MRO system and sources of geological, engineering and dispatching information:
    • Real-time database of equipment performance indicators (PI System)
    • Well drilling, current and capital repair management system (OpenWells)
    • Equipment inspection system (ApplusVelosi)
    • Design and engineering document storage (OpenText)
    • Production process accounting system (EnergyComponents)
    • Electronic work permit system (WorkSafe). 

Number of system users: 390

Project period: 2 years

Departments using the system:

  • Equipment maintenance department
  • Production management department

Infrastructure management department


  1. Development of an advanced tool for effective planning, preparation, sign-off, and follow-up for diagnostics, maintenance and repair of above ground oil production and treatment facilities 
  2. Development of an advanced tool for effective planning, sign-off and follow-up of operations for well current and capital repair
  3. Reduction in time spent planning and preparing for well repair operations through provision access to consistent input data for all stakeholders
  4. Improved communication between production departments and specialists responsible for procurement of materials and services
  5. Addition of functionality to properly evaluate the effectiveness of MRO operations via KPI analysis
  6. Improvement in the quality of master data held for equipment units, spare parts, materials and MRO standards, a reduction in time spent on decision-making with regard to changes to master data

 ** The material is available in Russian version only


All Partners

Customer Feedback

"Thanks to the project Operations of Surface Processing Facilities implemented at LUKOIL Mid-East Ltd., a modern tool was obtained for effective planning, preparation, coordination and control of MRO works and interaction between production units and specialists responsible for goods, materials and service procurement has been improved, making it possible to objectively assess the efficiency of maintenance based on KPI analysis."
Asset Integrity CMMS Engineer, A. Semenov

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