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Integrated modelling for improving the efficiency of production management in LUKOIL Nizhnevolzhskneft

Project Objectives

Increasing the quality of operational decision making in production by implementing and using an integrated model. This model integrates models of reservoirs, wells, oil and gas collection and treatment systems to take into account their mutual influence, thus improving the accuracy of forecasts.

ITPS implemented a solution for integrated modelling of production activities in LUKOIL Nizhnevolzhskneft, LLC. This approach to production management is a part of the Intelligent Field concept widely used by leading international oil companies as well as some Russian companies from the oil and gas sector.

Asset intellectualization requires a forecast-based management, including one to facilitate optimal decision-making in a timely manner. The essential condition for applying this approach is using real-time data collection and management systems, integrated modelling and coordinated work of interdisciplinary team specialists from different fields (geology, field development, process engineering, mechanical and energy, etc.) to make operational decisions together using integrated asset modelling data and taking into account real field potential.

During the project ITPS installed and configured Petroleum Experts software designed for integrated modelling, uploaded necessary production/field data and created an integrated model consisting of reservoir, well and collection system models. ITPS Group is an exclusive representative of Petroleum Experts in Russia. It sells and provides technical support for its software packages as well as consults on their effective use for integrated modelling processes.

During the second phase of the project, ITPS developed and installed special-purpose software and organized data migration from the customer production systems to the vendor's software.

ITPS also implemented the process of regular updating and adjustment of the integrated model.

LUKOIL Nizhnevolzhskneft personnel were trained to use the integrated model for conducting forecasts and analyzing field activities.


ITPS determined a list of tasks which can be performed using the model:

  • Preparing measures
  • Verifying data quality
  • Checking flow meter measurements
  • Back-allocation of production by well
  • Design and analysis of gas lift wells
  • Retrospective data analysis 

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