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Implementing the "Well and downhole pump maintenance and repair" solution based on SAP ERP for LUKOIL Mid-East Ltd.

Project Objectives

Implementation of functionalities used to reflect business processes of well and downhole pump maintenance and repair in SAP ERP as part of the "Wells and Downhole Pumps Management" project.

ITPS developed an MRO solution for wells and downhole pumps based on SAP ERP and integrated SAP ERP with geological, engineering and production information data sources, minimizing repetitive and manual data input. 

As part of the project ITPS implemented the following functionalities:

  • Electronic data sheets for wells
  • Functionality for well current and capital repair
  • Functionality for developing interfaces of data communication from Energy Components to SAP ERP 


  • Open Wells
  • Energy Components


  1. Development of an advanced tool for effective planning, sign-off and follow-up for operations of well current and capital repair
  2. Reduction in time spent of planning and preparing for well repair operations through provision of easy access to consistent input data for all stakeholders 
  3. Integration with other production systems gave users a single environment for storing and keeping 
    • master data for wells
    • geological and technical characteristics
    • interval characteristics of well bore and perforations 

** The material is available in Russian version only

Customer Feedback

"Thanks to the solution introduced for maintenance and repair of wells and downhole pumping equipment at LUKOIL Mid-East Ltd., a modern tool was obtained for effective planning, coordination and control of wells performance, while the time for scheduling and preparing future repairs of wells was reduced thanks to all actors involved having access to a single consistent data source view.

Due to the integration with other production systems, the users at Lukoil Mid-East Ltd. now have a single place to store and maintain basic well data along with geological and technical characteristics and wellbore and perforation intervals required to support MRO business processes implemented in SAP ERP." Asset Integrity CMMS Engineer, A. Semenov.

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