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Kazanorgsintez and ITPS Launch Information Center for Maintenance and Repair Management


The experts of Kazanorgsintez PJSC (the largest Russian producer and exporter of polyethylene), in partnership with the ITPS Group of Companies, have successfully launched Information Center for Maintenance and Repair Management, which automates critical processes of planning and management of maintenance and repairs and ensures electronic certification of equipment. Implementation of the project made it possible for the company to reduce labor costs, lay the technological foundation for the future transition to a qualitatively new model of maintenance and repair management based on integrated analytics and forecasting.

The project's primary goal is to increase the economic efficiency of the MRO unit at an enterprise with a large fleet of equipment and a high cost of downtime. The ITPS team suggested bringing together all data sources, models of long-term and operational schedules, resource plan models, and logistics models into a single IT solution as the key idea for improving MRO management processes, consolidating all data and actions for planning and managing the unit, as well as the ability to work in a single information window.

The Information Center for Maintenance and Repair Management includes four software modules: Digital Model of Production Asset, Digital Model of Integrated Scheduling and Resource Planning and Maintenance Management, Metrology Management Information Center, and Dynamic Equipment Management Information Center. The latter was integrated with the MES system for collecting data on the operating time of dynamic equipment to ensure MRO scheduling according to the actual operating time.

The implemented solution ensures management of the Kazanorgsintez equipment fleet, totaling more than 50,000 units of measuring instruments and automatic process control systems, more than 80,000 units of main and auxiliary equipment, and more than 10,000 functional locations (process units, assemblies, etc.). The project has provided MRO specialists with a convenient, practical tool to work faster with standard transactions and documents (orders, technological instructions, acceptance sheets, etc.). The functional responsibilities of the staff are built as a single end-to-end process on all planning horizons – from annual to daily. Intuitive interfaces make the work of specialists more user-friendly and productive, which relieves the staff of the need to delve into the intricacies of working with IT systems in MRO planning and management.

"The innovative development of the MRO unit is one of the key tasks of our organization, focused on obtaining new market advantages through the digitalization of operational and production processes. The deployed information modules give us additional opportunities for planning and managing the MRO unit. They allow us to make the most effective use of existing enterprise resource management tools. The implemented project is an important step for the company's planned transition to a qualitatively new MRO process management model based on equipment reliability assessments, failure prediction, and preventive measures to ensure the continuity of the production process and slow down the natural wear of equipment," commented the Chief Engineer of Kazanorgsintez PJSC  Rafael Safarov.

"Digitalization of maintenance and repair planning and management processes is a reliable safeguard against unplanned losses resulting from equipment failures. The experience of Kazanorgsintez PJSC convincingly proves that significant savings can be achieved if we move from isolated automation to integration of MRO processes and the associated logistics management, cost, finance processes, etc. Our team successfully copes with this task by creating MRO Management Information Centers for large industrial customers," emphasized Leonid Tikhomirov, CEO of the ITPS Group of Companies.

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