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Digitalization with a Siberian Spirit. ITPS will Build Advanced Management Systems for Mining Enterprises in Siberia and Transbaikalia


The Siberian Federal District is one of the largest industrial regions of Russia, with a high concentration of production facilities. In recent years, the digitalization of industrial enterprises has become increasingly acute. Most market players have already taken the first steps in digital technology, but the growing demands on performance and environmental safety necessitate a new technological breakthrough and a transition to progressive management methods not previously used in the industry.

Several areas will be developing in the mining industry in the next few years: first, these are technologies for collecting, analyzing, and storing process data, production management systems (PIMS, MES), and corporate information systems, as well as predictive analytics tools. The ITPS Group of Companies, which has many years of experience implementing technologies for large oil and gas and industrial enterprises, is currently implementing projects to digitalize mining enterprises, where these technologies are most relevant and in demand.

"Digitalization of the mining sector has many nuances and requires a deep dive into the industry specifics. There are several process steps in this industry, and each of them can become an opportunity for optimization. The first thing we want to focus on is the establishment of control over all production indicators, and the creation of unified data warehouses with automatic or manual population of production data (the combined approach is often applied), used as the material for analytics. By taking these two steps, the company can provide good guidance for development in the following years and be able to manage production faster and more efficiently compared to competitors," commented Dmitry Romanov, Director of Digital Production at ITPS.

According to Dmitry Romanov, digital efficiency in mining is based on obtaining accurate and high-quality production data in real-time, quickly managing technological regimes and security events, reducing the burden on personnel, increasing the efficiency of equipment used, and saving electricity and liquid fuel. The ITPS project experience includes many examples of achieving specified business results in various production areas, such as maintenance and repair management (MRO), financing, budgeting, procurement and logistic support, master data management, warehouse accounting, etc.

These digital technologies were widely discussed at the International Conference and Exhibition of Technologies and Innovations for the Mining Industry TECH MINING SIBERIA 2022, held in Irkutsk on March 17-18, 2022. During the event, the ITPS experts discussed with the conference participants the experience of building a corporate repository of production and process data for a mining company. The project ensured reporting automation, reduction of human factor influence, high reliability of production indicator calculations, and increased efficiency of assessment of the implementation of planned indicators and quantitative deviations.

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