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Digital Dietitian Service Launched by an Alliance of BIOT, HEALBE, and 'Doctor Round the Corner' Telemedicine Company


The ITPS Group of Companies, developer of the BIOT digital solution for remote patient health monitoring, announced the launch of the new Digital Dietitian service, implemented in alliance with HEALBE, a leading Russian manufacturer of smart wristbands, and the 'Doctor Round the Corner' telemedicine company.

BIOT is a new concept in preventive medicine. A comprehensive solution collects and analyzes a person's physiological parameters, allowing early detection of risks of cardiovascular disease, pre-diabetes, and type II diabetes, several infectious diseases, and others, including those typical for relatively healthy people: sleep problems, chronic fatigue, stress, unbalanced diet, and lack of physical activity.

BIOT's ability to analyze the dynamics of calorie intake and consumption is the basis of the Digital Dietitian service, promoting healthy habits and ensuring a quality and active life with the help of a 'nutrition map.' This map is created by a personal physician based on medical tests and analytics provided by BIOT. This personalized plan considers the medical conditions and taste preferences of each user. It is not just a set of recommendations but a sound strategy for achieving specific goals: losing weight, maintaining a comfortable weight, gaining muscle mass for athletes, and so on.

The user wears the HEALBE GoBe3 wristband, which automatically collects the data on calories consumed and burned (no need to count them manually!), hydration levels, physical activity, stress levels, and other health indicators. You can track these indicators through the mobile app yourself. The information goes to the BIOT system, evaluating the patient's state of health and compliance with the specified diet and activity plan. The data goes to a physician at the Doctor Ryadom clinic, who evaluates the dynamics and progress, adjusts the plan, prescribes extra examinations, and tests, and motivates and gives the patient step-by-step recommendations on achieving the desired result. Currently, the clients can choose from three plans: one month, three months, and one year.

According to the developers, the Digital Dietitian service could gain popularity in the online health technology market, as it has several advantages compared to standard dietitian services.

'You get a personal digital physician who not only understands the processes going on in your body but explains them to you in detail and shows you the results of your daily efforts. This motivates and disciplines you and increases your chances of success. Any task, especially something as complex as changing your lifestyle, is easier to accomplish with some assistance. No doctor, even the best one, can be around 24/7. BIOT can. You barely notice as you wear the wristband while our service works, collects, and provides data to a competent specialist who is ready to contact you online. That is the actual support that we often lack. In today's fast-paced and busy life, this is especially important,' commented Dmitri Tachkin, Head of the ITPS Digital Solutions Center.



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