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Comprehensive BIOT Solution by ITPS (Remote Health Monitoring and Disease Prevention Service) Included in the Unified Register of Russian Software Programs and Databases


An innovative BIOT solution (Biotelemetry, BIOT) developed by the ITPS Group of Companies for remote continuous monitoring of human physiological condition and automatic detection and evaluation of health risks, has been included in the Unified Register of Russian Software Programs by the order of the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation as of 10/30/2020. The technology allows to assess the user’s health condition remotely and to identify the signs and risks of development of various diseases, such as: viral infections (including COVID-19), metabolic disorders (diabetes, etc.), cardiovascular diseases, stress, etc. before the first symptoms appear. BIOT implementation pilot projects were launched in several major cities of Russia in the fall of 2020.  

Up to 80% of strokes, diabetes and heart disease can be prevented with regular check-ups and lifestyle changes recommended by a physician, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). “The challenges of modern healthcare demand new approaches and solutions that can prevent disease at the earliest possible stage. Everybody wants to stay healthy and active for many years, but not always committed to take care of their health seriously and change their habits, if necessary. Therefore, the alarming statistics on cardiovascular diseases and diseases caused by pollution, stress, unbalanced nutrition, lack of rest and other negative factors are increasing globally. To change things people need motivation, awareness, and a chance to understand and evaluate their condition and establish adequate behaviour patterns. Digital technologies, becoming more and more human-oriented every day are specifically dedicated to predictive risk management. This is a sound approach allowing both reducing the workload on physicians and improving morbidity statistics, quality and life expectancy of people on a global level. The symbiosis of health care and digital technologies is one of the main directions for the future development. It is still in process of being formed. BIOT service solution is a game changer in preventive medicine. It is a technology allowing detecting the changes leading to disease development, and therefore, effectively tackling the risks. It is common knowledge, that it is always better to prevent a disease than to cure it,” stated Leonid Tikhomirov, CEO of the ITPS Group of Companies, creator and ideologist of the BIOT solution concept. 

BIOT solution has been developed at the confluence of IIoT technologies, artificial intelligence, medicine and mathematics. It consists of three main components: a wearable personal device, a mobile application with visualization of health indicators and a professional medical application – a service which accumulates analyses and uses data for the assessment of potential health risks, automatically informing the personal physical on the changes in the patient’s condition and on the identified risks. The mathematical models used for analysis have been developed jointly by the team of Russian scientists and physicians of the Perm State Medical Wagner University. Healbe GoBe smart wristband is used as a wearable device, which, being the only one in its class, can track the required wide range of human physiological parameters (heart rate, number of steps, distance, activity time, automatic recording of calorie intake, hydration level, stress level and emotional condition, etc.) and the number of identifiable parameters constantly increases.

The unique capabilities of BIOT solution bring modern healthcare to a new level, making it a digital helper for a physician and providing the entire medical system with the ability to remotely monitor individual patient parameters, promptly detect the signs of deviations and adjust lifestyle patterns and treatment plans. Analysis of the gathered data and continuous contact with the patient contribute to a more accurate diagnosis and increase the treatment effectiveness.

“The idea of ​​monitoring physiological parameters is not new. A simple example: Holter ECG monitoring, allowing to monitor heart rate for up to three days. The main difficulty is not that the patient must continuously wear a sensor (unable to take a shower during this time) and record all the data manually, but that the result is ready only in 1-3 days. BIOT can monitor numerous parameters in real-time during a long period of time (days, weeks, months, years), it evaluates correlation, builds patterns and forecasts. A wristband is much more practical for this purpose than sensors attached to the body.  BIOT can help people from risk groups adjust their lifestyle, avoid deterioration of health condition and monitor corrective measures’ results. Taking care of one’s health can become really motivating. For those willing to live up to 120 years of age in good health, BIOT will provide an opportunity to identify early risks and change their habits in due time, adjust the level of physical exercise, diet, etc. Digital helper will work perfectly with your personal physician. Combined with telemedicine technologies, BIOT will always help you feel real support from a personal physician monitoring your well-being in a complex, which is what modern healthcare is aiming for,” mentioned Tatyana Prokopenko, an Expert Physician at the ITPS Digital Solutions Centre.   

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