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AVIST Oil&Gas by ITPS is Available on the SIIS Portal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation


The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation added the complex solution AVIST Oil&Gas (developed by the ITPS Group of Companies) to the State Industry Information System (SIIS). Information about the solution is posted on the SIIS portal (marketplace) – the official trading platform of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the help of which the representatives of Russian companies can find and select industrial products produced in the Russian Federation, and start procurement procedures. The product for the portal was chosed bty the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation together with the Association of Internet of Things Market Participants, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, and Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization ‘Digital Economy’.   

AVIST Oil&Gas allows you to fully implement the main functionality of the Intelligent Field concept (integrated modeling, integrated planning, capacity management, real time analytics and forecasting, et al.) and achieve high efficiency of an oil and gas production asset through forecasting, real-time data analytics and flexible management of production parameters. For more than six years, the experts from the ITPS Group of Companies have been continuously developing the solution, adding new functionality and modules. One of the most recent additions is the SYNAPSIS software tool, which allows creating models 1,5 times faster and work with them more efficiently.

Over the past few years, the topic of digital transformation of the oil and gas complex has been inextricably linked with the national policy of import substitution. Today, there is a fairly large selection of domestic technologies in the field of industrial equipment; the share of Russian products in this segment is almost over 55%. However, there are still many development possibilities in the field of proprietary technologies and conceptual digitalization (innovative tools and techniques part of Intelligent Field and Industry 4.0 concepts). The market participants consider the Russian solutions too selective and lacking integrated approach. 

ITPS solved this issue back in 2014 by creating the domestic hardware and software complex AVIST Oil&Gas (Asset Virtualization System Oil&Gas) and is constantly developing its functionality. The solution was based on production needs; the company required a certain functionality for the implementation of projects, which at that time was not yet available on the Russian market. The solution was created to fit the actual needs of the oil and gas industry (increasing production volumes, minimizing risks, reducing operating costs) and the best world practices.  

“One of the main targets of our company is to achieve technological independence in the critical sectors of the Russian economy, one of which is the oil and gas industry. We are happy to see that Russia is rapidly ramping up its potential in the areas which have traditionally been the domain of the foreign companies. Thanks to the initiatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the enterprises now have convenient resources and services, such as the SIIS portal, which helps the Russian customers in choosing the right tools and thereby shortens the path from a perceived need to obtaining the required results. I would like to emphasize that it is precisely the achievement of the specified business effects at the customers’ enterprises that is the main target of the ITPS activities. And AVIST Oil&Gas is one of effective tools for achieving the target, which we can flexibly modify and supplement depending on the task that we help our customers with. The solution is offered to the customer as an integrated service. This approach allows to quickly apply all the necessary functionality, optimize the costs, develop controlled interconnected processes and achieve tangible results after a few months of application,” said the CEO of the ITPS Group of Companies, Leonid Tikhomirov.  

The State Industry Information System (SIIS) is one of the key tools for the implementation of industrial policy in Russia, created to increase the efficiency of information exchange in a single information space. 

The system was created by the order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the implementation of industrial policy. Its main tasks are: development of a high-tech, competitive industry, ensuring transition of the national economy from the  raw-materials-export model to the innovative type of development, ensuring national defense, employment of the population and improving the living standards of citizens of the Russian Federation.     

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