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ITPS Creates Accelerator to Work with Data for Integrated Modeling of Oil and Gas Field – SYNAPSE Software Solution


The Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) has registered the SYNAPSE software solution – the latest development of the ITPS Group of Companies, developed to automate the integrated modeling at an oil and gas field. Two certificates of state registration were issued: one for the module used for model development and configuration and one for the module used to update models. The application of these programs greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of an integrated model development – the key tool of the Intelligent Field concept. Along with the already used AVIST integration platform, the SYNAPSE software solution is an important component of the ITPS Integrated Service, ensuring increased efficiency in oil and gas production.  

SYNAPSE is an accelerator used for creating a digital twin of the field. The software solution collects, processes, and analyzes production data (for example, production history, reservoir pressure dynamics and other parameters) for the automated generation of component models as part of an integrated model: reservoir, wells, ground infrastructure. Manual execution of such operations required thousands of clicks and hundreds of hours. SYNAPSE does this in seconds and gives feedback from the models on the convergence parameters so that engineers can assess how accurately the models represent the actual properties of the reproduced assets at various stages of operation.

The ITPS solutions such as AVIST and SYNAPSE allow to fully implement the functionality of the Intelligent Field (digital field, i-Field , Asset of the Future, etc.) a concept involving the use of neural networks, digital twins, algorithms for big data processing, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet of things (IIoT), robotization, et al. By developing our own software solutions for the oil and gas industry, the ITPS Group of Companies offers its customers the opportunity to obtain business effects at the level of the best world practices, reduces the cost of projects’ implementation and ensures guaranteed service support regardless of the political and economic situation. 

“We have been specializing in working with models since 2012, we know all the peculiarities, development possibilities and how to get what we need. More and more oil and gas assets are using digital models both for making strategic decisions and for planning production optimization activities. It becomes critical to have a tool that you can trust. The SYNAPSE software solution is designed to quickly develop and configure component models based on big volumes of production data. SYNAPSE ensures high efficiency, and elimination of human factor errors. The development of this tool is an important achievement of our team. With its help, we will improve critical business processes in the key industry for the Russian economy. And this is just the beginning, in the near future SYNAPSE will be developed; its functionally will grow, which will allow our customers to achieve even greater efficiency in the use of integrated modeling tools,” stated Alexander Krokhalev,  Director for  Digital Transformation at Oil and Gas Companies of the ITPS Group of Companies. 

Synapse (from the Greek σύναψις, συνά π τειν – connection, link) is a neurobiological term denoting the place of connection, contact of two nerve cells through which the interaction takes place. According to the developers of the software solution, the created modules solve similar issues in integrated modeling, acting as a link for data exchange between system components.   

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