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Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Includes AVIST Oil&Gas in its Curricula


From November 25 to December 6, 2019 Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas conducted a professional development course under the auspices of the "Development of offshore oil and gas fields." Program. Over the course of the training, the ITPS experts covered the “Intelligent Field” concept and the fundamentals of an operational management approach in an oil and gas company based on the Russian AVIST Oil&Gas platform.

The course was attended by the heads of departments, chief technologists and project managers of companies such as: LUKOIL-Trans LLC, Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg PJSC, VNIPIgazodobycha PJSC, Gazprom PJSC, etc. The course covered the following topics: engineering support of planning, organization and execution of offshore operations, marine drilling, offshore mining, development and operation of offshore fossil fuels deposits, geological evaluation and cost-benefit analysis of offshore deposits.

ITPS specialists presented innovative methods for the operational management of oil and gas production using a range of modern digital technologies. The domestic digital solution AVIST Oil&Gas is used as the main tool providing efficient management of the integrated modeling processes, capacity management (searching for potential capacity and optimization), integrated planning, choke model and organization of digital object identifier operation management. By implementing these tools and techniques form the Intelligent Field concept, oil and gas company can achieve maximum efficiency of production and development of fields.

“Despite the fact that digital field and integrated solutions are relatively new technologies, today they are actively used internationally and demonstrate impressive results. Further development of oil and gas industry implies transition to digital production model. Every professional should know about the operational management techniques and the Intelligent Field concept, which we, in turn, are trying to contribute to, developing professional retraining programs based on the center for innovative competencies. The practical experience of the ITPS Group of Companies in the area of analysis, forecasting, evaluation and planning of production activities is highly valuable for the educational process. This is also noted by our listeners – heads of structural divisions of the major oil and gas companies who want to improve production with the help of newly acquired knowledge. Next year we plan to conduct a comprehensive detailed course on AVIST Oil&Gas. This solution has already been included in the program of professional retraining courses,” mentioned Nikolai Yeremin, professor at the Department for Development and Operation of Oil Fields at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Deputy Director for Innovations at the Oil and Gas Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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