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ITPS projects shortlisted in the “Top 10 IT projects for the oil and gas industry - 2018” contest


The “Top 10 IT projects for the oil and gas industry” contest has been held annually since 2009 and is a landmark event of the federal IT forum of the oil and gas industry of Russia, entitled “Smart Oil & Gas: Digital Transformation of the Oil and Gas Industry” and hosted by the ComNews Group.

Two projects of the ITPS Group of Companies made the shortlist in 2018. These were the “Intellectual digital field based on AVIST Oil & Gas own digital platform” within the “Digital field” nomination and “Implementation of an automated international reporting system based on SAP HANA” in the nomination “Best SAP HANA application”. Both projects were implemented for LUKOIL group of enterprises.

LUKOIL was one of the first to launch the development and implementation of integrated solutions for the Digital Field - an automated process control system for integrated modeling (APCSIM) and an automated limitation model control system (ALMCS) specifically based on the in-house integration platform AVIST Oil & Gas, developed by the ITPS Group of Companies.

The purpose of the AVIST Oil & Gas platform is to increase operating activities efficiency within resource companies by automating decision-making processes, optimizing production and interacting with design organizations and contractors based on integrated modeling technologies. The data collection and processing is carried out from the existing Customer information systems and databases. The system provides calculation management for integrated and hydrodynamic modeling systems, operational and accessible uploading of results, automated decision support in implementation of operational production management, planning of oil production activities, and formation of a field development management strategy. The time required for collecting, preparing and analyzing production data is considerably reduced, which makes it possible to increase management efficiency and operability.

At the awards ceremony for the contest winners, Alexander Pruzhinin, the head of the customer service center for information technology support at LUKOIL, noted the importance of implementing the “Intellectual Field” project not just in partnership with a Russian company, but also on a Russian platform.

The introduction of an automated international reporting system based on SAP HANA makes it possible to quickly obtain regulated, transparent and reliable reports, consolidate data gathering from all sources, and ensure reports are generated and drawn up in compliance with IFRS requirements. Thanks to the digital solution, the time required to generate quarterly consolidated financial statements is reduced significantly, and the quality of reporting is improved by using basic checks of analytic values ​​and indices during input, access to data on a broad historical horizon, and automating processes of collection and additional calculations.

Anna Staroverova, the Head of Information Technology Department for the “Corporate Center and Other Activities of Information Technology Department of LUKOIL”, who received the award for the winning project “Implementation of an automated international reporting system based on SAP HANA” in the nomination "Best IT application on SAP HANA", noted the exemplary standard of project implementation and quality of results obtained as a result of introducing the application. "For LUKOIL, this was the first project using the SAP HANA platform, and it has been expertly implemented by the ITPS Group of companies. "

In his address at the ceremony, Leonid Tikhomirov, head of ITPS said  “first of all, I would like to thank our customers and partners and the LUKOIL team for the opportunity to implement truly cutting-edge projects together. The methods and tools used in the “Intellectual field” project today allow us to say confidently that the increase in oil production in the whole field by 5-10% and more, is becoming a reality. And, of course, I am happy to congratulate our ITPS team on having successfully implemented these projects, for the professionalism they have shown in doing so, and their continuous striving to do even better and their perseverance in achieving goals. I am proud of you!"



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