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“Secure Labour at a Digital Enterprise” by ITPS


A decision under the above mentioned title was presented by the ITPS Group of Companies at the 4th National Labour Protection Week, which was held in Sochi on April 9-13, 2018.

Within the framework of the SAPE 2018 exhibition, the ITPS Group of Companies demonstrated the AVIST digital production platform and a personal portable device as part of the AVIST.HSE solution. The ITPS team and the experts of “Gazprom Neft” PJSC, “Russian Railways” JSC, the Institute of Labour, Production and Human Safety, spoke about the implementation of digital solutions by ITPS in the field of industrial safety and labour protection at enterprises.

The business programme of the event was full of plenary sessions and round tables, industry conferences and expert reports. The company organized its own round table on digital solutions in the field of occupational safety, two work sites and participation as experts in sessions on digital solutions, hundreds of presentations and dozens of personal meetings, more than 7,000 guests — and these are just results of the ITPS team’s participation in the National Week of Labour Protection.

“Events of this level and scale serve as an excellent platform for demonstrating the company's capabilities, especially as the demand for digital solutions is very high now. Everyone is aware of the importance and effectiveness of digital transformation nowadays. Enterprises realise that it is needed not only to keep pace with the progress but also stay ahead of the curve. At our end, we are ready to help the companies to get transformed, to receive impressive economic effects, and, of course, to preserve the main value of each company —lives and health of its employees”, points out the CEO of ITPS Leonid Tikhomirov.

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