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Joint Innovation and Training Center of ITPS and the RAS Oil and Gas Institute holds workshop on integrated operations


The innovation and training center Smart Technologies for Oil and Gas Production of the RAS Oil and Gas Institute, established together with the ITPS Group, held a workshop on integrated operations for oil and gas companies. The workshop took place on June 28 at the Cisco representative office in Moscow. The keynote theme of the event was “Integrated Operations: An Innovative Approach to Increasing the Efficiency of Oil and Gas Production.” The workshop was attended and watched online by representatives of leading Russian oil and gas companies.

The speakers displayed their experience and competencies related to integrated operations, the most effective approaches to implementation of this technology and potential benefits from its use.

According to the forecast of the Russian Academy of Sciences, by 2020-2022 production of Russia’s active oil reserves may decrease by 45-50 million tons. To compensate for this reduction, companies can resort to innovation technologies, particularly those relating to improvement of production management which will allow a transition to predictive or forecasting management. This management method is based on an asset model which integrates models of reservoirs, wells, pipelines and other field components and considers their mutual influences, while significantly improving the forecast accuracy. This integrated model together with tools designed for calculating reservoir and facility potentials are used for production planning and optimization as well as for integrated planning of activities in various business units.

To implement this management approach, an Integrated Operations Center is planned to be established. This will be a dedicated environment with all necessary technologies and conditions for effective cooperation of different functions, such as geologists, process engineers, mechanics, etc.

During the workshop ITPS representatives demonstrated how the Integrated Operations Center would work based on the AVIST integrated platform (a Russian product). 
AVIST is a Russian platform designed for consolidation, processing, analysis and visualization of engineering and field system data. The platform makes it possible to manage events at production facilities, perform integrated production planning and support operational decision-making through integrated modeling of assets, potential of reservoirs, wells and ground production facilities. AVIST is a software platform integrating modeling tools and production IT systems of a company. AVIST can be integrated with different systems, while ensuring their synchronization and coordination.

The participants pointed out the relevance and usefulness of the workshop and noted that they would be interested in holding a series of workshops on integrated operations.

The RAS innovation and training center is planning to hold a series of workshops on integrated operations and other relevant topics related to smart technology used in the oil and gas industry.

About RAS Oil and Gas Institute

The Oil and Gas Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences was established in 1987. It is a non-commercial government research center.

The key activities of the RAS Oil and Gas Institute include developing recommendations and proposals for the Russian oil and gas sector development strategy, energy aspects of Russia’s sustainable development and expert review of major national oil and gas projects.

For detailed information about the RAS Oil and Gas Institute go to: www.ipng.ru

About Cisco

Cisco is a world leader in the IT sector which has significantly contributed to development of the Internet since 1984. The company’s personnel, partners and solutions ensure safe connections, helping users leverage digital technologies of the future today.

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