STANDARD: The tool, but not the goal

STANDARD: The tool, but not the goal

As part of the largest international exhibition for oil & gas equipment and technologies in Russia, “Oil and Gas”/MIOGE, a round table was held  on the following subject: “Practical implementation and roll-out of the “Digital Economy in Russian Federation” program in the oil and gas industry”. Participants discussed the required level of state influence in oil and gas industry digitalization, prospects for creating GIS for the fuel and energy complex, and mechanisms for investing in digital startups.

ITPS CEO, Leonid Ivanovich Tikhomirov, took part in the round table as an expert, in which he spoke about his vision for digitalization projects within the fuel and energy complex and his practical experience in implementing digital platform solutions. In response to a question on the efficiency and ROI of digitalization, Leonid stressed the particular importance of an integrated approach, which is one of the fundamental criteria for successful digital transformation of the oil and gas industry: “With each new stage of digitalizing a process or a facility, the effects increase exponentially. And such market leaders as Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, Tatneft understand this perfectly well: it’s the equivalent of going from a “patchwork quilt” to a single platform”.

* The material is available in russian version only

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