OIL.GAS.NOVATIONS: Big Data Management at Digital Production

 OIL.GAS.NOVATIONS: Big Data Management at Digital Production

Over the years, experts have talked about the need to create a single and generally accessible database of geological and commercial data. Many of them think that the availability of such a database will in many cases reduce the cost of oil and gas production. However, it is difficult to solve this problem for obvious reasons, and the question remains open.

Leading oil and gas companies join their subdivisions scattered around the world into a single information network. These networks allow obtaining information from any database, from each subdivision. Over the last years, significant progress has been made in the creation of modern data centres in Russian oil and gas companies, including “Tatneft” PJSC where business digitalization is carried out with success. The ITPS Group of Companies implemented a digital management platform for big geological, geophysical and production data for “Tatneft”.

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