An article by ITPS expert Viktor Lekhtsind in SAP Planet magazine

An article by ITPS expert Viktor Lekhtsind in SAP Planet magazine

The April issue of SAP Planet magazine features an article by Victor Lekhtsind – the chief MRO division specialist in the ITPS Group of Companies, which is dedicated to the potential issues associated with a maintenance management system (based on SAP ERP) focused on reliability.

The author talks about key procedures for building such a system and assesses the possible implementation effects. "RCM solutions significantly increase nonfailure operating time and service life of equipment. Reducing downtime makes it possible to increase equipment productivity.

Works planned in the system are based on pre-defined process charts, which include the troubleshooting features and an outline of resources required for the works; thereby ensuring the activities employees involved in equipment maintenance are organized in a clear, comprehensive manner. On the basis of modelling and timely diagnostics, the cycle and technology employed within a service can be easily adjusted, through extension of intervals, changing operation sequences and reducing the need for resources accordingly," the article notes.

**The material is available in Russian version only

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