ITPS is a team of talented and enthusiastic specialists. Our employees are the most valuable resource of our company. We are interested in discovering each employee's maximum potential. In becoming a part of our team, you will have an opportunity to resolve complex and challenging practical issues as a part of high-scale projects, which will let you acquire and continuously develop your professional capabilities.

The company stresses the following qualities of its employees:

  • eagerness to learn and develop,

  • self-reliance, responsibility,

  • ability to build partner relationships,

  • achieve the established targets.

We have a thorough hiring process, targeting those who are able to work in a team, as well as to respect and support the company's culture and values.

We offer:

  • Labor arrangement in accordance with legislations;

  • Competitive income level;

  • Voluntary health insurance;

  • Bonuses and rewards according to the work results;

  • Training and professional certification at the company's expense

Lets go job with as:

Вы работаете в ИТ-службе или являетесь сотрудником ремонтного или сервисного подразделения службы главного инженера?

Примите участие в бесплатном семинаре «Управление ремонтами на базе SAP ТОРО в интеграции с системой ОПТИМУМ ММС»
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