Intelligent Oilfield

Intelligent Oilfield
  • Detailed Description of Intelligent Oilfield Industry Solution
  • AVIST Solution for Oil&Gas Production Enterprises

Intelligent Oilfield is a new form of production management

Intelligent Oilfield is:

  • Business project with a large share of the IT component
  • Project of integration of human resources, processes, information and technology
  • Project of changes in the culture of cross-disciplinary interaction and shift to collaboration
  • Development of existing solutions using new technological capabilities
  • Not a single action, but continuous development

Intelligent Oilfield Capabilities:

  • Real-time data
  • Integrated asset modeling
  • Integrated planning
  • Management of process and production restrictions
  • Integrated operations
  • 4D survey
  • Electronic simulation and forecast of drilling:
  • Measurement While Drilling
  • Logging While Drilling
  • Formation Evaluation While Drilling
  • Geological data and file management systems
  • Solutions for geological data and file management
  • Document management systemsCapital construction management tools
  • Automation of visualization of management of data from various sources and systems
  • Restriction model
  • Preventive analysis of equipment state and operation
  • Systems of safety at work
  • Systems of staff control at the field:
  • Electronic access permits
  • Control of location and personnel movement
  • Modern knowledge management
  • Operating costs reduction
  • Production increase due to reduction of mining losses
  • Stock build through oil recovery ratio increase
  • Occupational safety improvement through: 
    • deep analysis of information in the system
    • working out preventive measures and avoidance thereof
  • Production process efficiency improvement through:
    • facilitation of control of execution of plans, remedial actions and instructions of regulatory authorities
    • use of relevant accumulated knowledge 
    • collection and exchange of best practices
    • reduction of search for relevant information

Customer Success Stories 

Improvement of Operating Efficiency of JSC TURGAI PETROLEUM Using Technologies of Integrated Modeling

Field Operating Efficiency Improvement Using Technologies of Integrated Modeling

Detailed description of components of the integrated industry solution Intelligent Oilfield:

Integrated modeling

Integrated modeling is a solution-enabling support of process modeling and operation of oil-and-gas production equipment, including all elements of the production chain from the formation to the metering station/consumer/battery limits of the oil-and-gas production equipment. 

This process presupposes building models of facilities and integration of these key controls of the oil-and-gas production equipment: 

  • Formation or a group of strata (development objects)
  • Production and injection wells
  • System of collection, transportation and formation pressure maintenance
  • Financial and economic performance/indicators
  • Energy efficiency/indicators


Integrated Planning

Integrated planning is a solution enabling support of formation and control of execution of the uniform integrated plan of actions at the asset, agreed upon with all production units and enabling the planned level of production in accordance with commercial, license obligations under conditions of resource, budget, technology restrictions, and compliance with the safety requirements.


Center of Integrated Operations

Center of integrate operations is an integrated administrative and technical solution designed to support team field work of experts while solving production problems, using existing information support based on existing expert analytical systems and tools of the digital oil field.

Restriction Model

Restriction model is a solution presenting all restrictions between maximum and actual production levels as loss volumes, specifying their causes and sources, and focused allocation of units of the oil and gas production equipment geared toward elimination of causes leading to the maximum losses along the production and supply, taking into account commercial and economic restrictions (from the formation to the end user).

Engineering Simulators

Engineering simulators - a solution providing information support for decision making and knowledge for experts from production units pertaining to the current state of production facilities and forecasting their state in future, solution of operating production problems of equipment reliability increase, prevention of accident,s and working out of measures aimed to reduce costs on power consumption, services and repairs.


Training Simulator Sets

Training simulator sets – a solution ensuring organization and maintenance of the process of staff training on the base of drill, enabling simulation of operation of the real equipment and control stations, and checking and assessing the correctness of tactical actions of the staff and proper use by them of the equipment in simulated scenarios.  

Industrial Safety

Industrial safety is a solution ensuring information support of the processes of planning and execution of industrial safety measures and environmental monitoring.


Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management system is a solution enabling improved operating efficiency, search, and implementation of new technologies through accumulation and distribution of experience and innovation concepts, detection and elimination of causes of such problems, as well as creation of conditions supporting transfer of innovation concepts into practice.

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