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Integrated planning is the process of creating a single optimal oil and gas production plan.  Control over implementation of the integrated plan is based on an operational oil production forecast tailored to the specified production and economic parameters, and target production reference points for the planning period.

AVlST.Planning module (Oil Production Planning) is designed to automate the integrated planning process for different time frames (14, 30, 90-day cycles). The module automates major stages of integrated planning including:

  • consolidation of functional plans for production units;
  • optimization, coordination and approval of the integrated plan;
  • monitoring the implementation of the integrated plan and prompt updating;
  • analysis of planning effectiveness.

AVlST.Planning allows you to create a single production planning environment for all operational activities in the oil field, and continuously refine the planning process based on multi-criteria and multi-purpose optimization.


  • Time saving and improvement in integrated planning quality.
  • Automatic optimization of activities timing, taking into account their compatibility, process modes and facilities’ potential.
  • Coordination of various services in the planning and monitoring process for integrated plan implementation.
  • Approval and alignment of production unit plans.
  • Reducing likelihood of human factor-sparked planning errors owing to automatic conflict verification.

Effects of application

  • Optimization of operating costs for equipment maintenance and resource attraction (up to 10%).
  • Increase in planning accuracy (up to 25%).
  • Reduction of time for planning (by several times).
  • Reduction of underruns in production by combining measures and process modes (by up to 3%).
  • Increase in repair intervals for equipment (reduction of well shut-downs to 20%).

AVIST technical support information
E-mail: support_avist at itps-russia.ru
Contact phone: + 7 (342) 235 3 275


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