Intelligent Oilfield

Intelligent Oilfield
  • Detailed Description of Intelligent Oilfield Industry Solution
  • AVIST Solution for Oil&Gas Production Enterprises


AVIST (Asset Visualization Smart Technology) is a multipurpose platform for consolidation of data obtained from various engineering and field systems and the visualization of the current state of oil and gas fields and their separate facilities (wells, elements of transport infrastructure).

AVIST is a proprietary invention of ITPS.


Oil & gas field management requires analysis of multiple factors - geological, production, infrastructural, economic. Often the company has to be content with separate models of production processes, well behavior, and transport infrastructure.

However, fragmentation of such models impedes a holistic view reflecting key indicators and correlation processes. Additionally, data exchange among various systems, their consolidation and analysis are connected with high costs. Solution of this problem may be achieved by creation and application of the integrated field model.

AVIST functional capabilities 

Visualization of Production Systems and Modeling Results

  • Visualization of the models of the collection and transportation system, the formation pressure maintenance system, production and injection wells in form of a process system or on the GIS map
  • Restriction model visualization
  • Display of the dispatch system signals and hydrocarbon metering system data

Expert Incident Response System

  • Anticipatory indicators of the modeling system
  • Simulation 
  • Analysis of changes in the system state, resulting from point impact
  • Benchmarking of impact options, preservation of options

Work Processes

  • Model updating and calibration
  • Selection of subsurface pumping equipment
  • Working out process regulations
  • Planning geological and engineering actions and administrative and technical measures

Management of the reference data of process facilities

AVIST implementation 

The AVIST platform is installed directly at the customer’s location and integrated with the already implemented systems or provided as a service according to the SaaS model along with missing engineering software (resources necessary for calculations and data storage are leased in the protected cloud environment).

Timelines for the implementation of solutions on the AVIST platform depend on the quantity and complexity of process facilities, and constitute two-six months on average. 

The AVIST platform contains ready tools for integration with specialized systems used by global and Russian oil&gas production companies to control production and transportation processes, including the following systems:


  • Schlumberger PIPESIM
  • Roxar Mette
  • PetEx Gap, Prosper, Resolve 


AVIST use results 

AVIST ensures support for decision-making during operational planning and production management, as well as working out the strategy of field management and CAPEX optimization. 

Automated data exchange, visualization of data presentation, and multiple useful tools for modeling and analysis enable oil&gas production enterprises to gain additional performance from previously implemented production applications and quickly achieve results important for the business, including::

  • Building effective field development processes
  • Accelerated revelation of loss areas and restriction points
  • Improving quality of accounting and categorization of losses
  • Optimization of the preventive maintenance schedule due to monitoring of operation of the production equipment

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