Integration of SAP business applications and automated production control systems in TOO Karakudukmunay

Integration of SAP business applications and automated production control systems in TOO Karakudukmunay


Oil & Gas


Integration of the SAP business applications and automated production control systems.


The Karakuduk oil deposit developed by the Karakudukmunai company is located at 365 km northeast of the city of Aktau (Kazakhstan). Soviet exploration geologists were the first to find oil there in 1972 but the industrial development started only in 1998. Five years later the first million of tons of oil was extracted in 2003. In May, 2010 the accumulated extraction amounted to 7 million tons of oil. When the LUKOIL oil company arrived at the end of 2005, a new phase began in the development of  TOO Karakudukmunai. The achievement of higher results required implementation of modern technologies in terms of IT maintenance and infrastructure. The Parma Telecom company has been a strategic partner as regards the implementation and support of corporate project management systems, integrated management systems (ERP), automated process and enterprise control systems and IT services provision for all these years.


The main project objective was to increase the performance of the existing asset information systems by extending the functional capabilities of the systems eliminating duplicated entry of same-type data, unifying and centralizing regulatory and reference data management.

Implementation Description

During the project the development, setup and testing of twenty-two cross-system interfaces were performed in the following seven areas:

  1. Drilling control;
  2. Well stock management;
  3. Well stock operation;
  4. Geological and technological activities management;
  5. Well survey management;
  6. Reservoir pressure maintenance;
  7. Analytics and reporting.


As a result of the TOO Karakudukmunai project, the processing of system data in these areas was unified and the previously separated APMs used to process data coming from several systems, e.g. APM of the field dispatcher, were united. The use of the SAP Process Integration interface during the design of interfaces allows centralized storage of all integration settings and parameters of cross-system business processes, ensuring synchronous and asynchronous operation data transmission between production accounting systems (ASUP) and plant maintenance planning and control systems (ISU LOKhL), the automation of transfers of data related to the technological mode, metered and distributed field production, which in future will ensure uniform creation of reporting forms in all systems and will also allow solving other important tasks. The integration bus allows implementing interaction between systems in compliance with the service-oriented architecture (SOA), which also ensures centralized support of integration flows.

Client's comment

"While using the services provided by our partners having international expert knowledge in the oil & gas field in the implementation of our new projects, we can be sure of their successful implementation. Parma Telecom is exactly such a partner for TOO

Stepan Gurzhiy, Chief Executive Officer of TOO Karakudukmunai

*- The project was implemented by the Parma-Telecom company (ITPS Group)

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