Realization of the Equipment Maintenance Management System implementation project for the Belkamneft OJSC

Realization of the Equipment Maintenance Management System implementation project for the Belkamneft OJSC


Oil & Gas


Equipment maintenance management (TORO) system implementation


The Belkamneft OJSC extracts and prepares oil in the territory of the Udmurtia Republic, Bashkortostan Republic and Kirov Region. The Belkamneft OJSC is an extraction operator for the enterprises of the Belkamneft LLC, Udmurtia Natinal Oil Company LLC, Udmurtia Oil Company LLC, Udmurtgeology LLC, Ural Oil OJSC, Regional Oil Consortium LLC, Ryabovskoe LLC, Reshetinikovskaya Oil Company LLC, Okunevskoe LLC. The Belkamneft Group is developing 49 oil fields. The extractable reserves of oil of industrial categories reach 85.4 mln. tons of oil.


  • To create a common database of technical locations and units of the Company's facilities giving the most complete and exhaustive description of all technological units enabling the production process;
  • To create a common system for the recording of internal transfers of oilfield facilities ensuring full-scale control over the availability and technical state of facilities;
  • To create common rules for the recording of malfunctions, incidents and failures at all the technological facilities of the Company ensuring the comparability of failure analysis data and increased technical substantiation while making decisions on the need for maintenance works.
  • To create common rules for maintenance works planning, recording and acceptance, as well as for technical state control allowing to map any changes in the technical state of facilities to the costs related to the maintenance of its due technical state.

Implementation Description

The project was implemented stage by stage. At the first stage the project team consisting of Parma-Telecom consultants and the employees of the production departments and IT office of the Belkamneft OJSC performed the passportization of the technical locations and facilities of the Company. They were classified and technical characteristics of the facilities were entered. A system for the recording of transfers between operation and storage locations was brought into production. A system for the real-time accounting of facilities availability and production balance in all operation, maintenance and storage locations was brought into production.
At the second stage a system for the recording of the technical state of facilities was developed and implemented. It uses messages on operation breaches based on catalogs of failures and violations, as well as other means of grouping and aggregation in the SAP system.
At the third stage the Parma-Telecom specialists developed and brought into production a system for operation planning, acceptance and actual maintenance costs recording (on the basis of maintenance orders and maintenance service purchasing orders).
Finally, at the fourth, final stage of the project a system for annual scheduling of maintenance activities and for the control of the technical state of facilities was developed and brought into production.


Four key maintenance business processes were implemented in the Belkamneft OJSC:

  1. Real-time recording of the availability and transfers of oilfield facilities;
  2. Real-time recording of the technical state and violations in the facilities operation;
  3. Real-time planning of facilities servicing and maintenance works;
  4. Annual planning of maintenance works in terms of time and resources.

Client's comment

"The new system implementation let the Belkamneft OJSC structure and formalize the main maintenance business processes: facilities recording, maintenance planning, maintenance and technical servicing cost accounting. In addition, registers of facilities were regulated and systematized during the project"

Alexey Ermakov, Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Belkamneft OJSC

*- The project was implemented by the Parma-Telecom company (ITPS Group)

Feedback on the implementation of the maintenance system in the Belkamneft OJSC**

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