Realization of the OMK-Stal OJSC project for the implementation of SAP ERP at the OMK company enterprises

Realization of the OMK-Stal OJSC project for the implementation of SAP ERP at the OMK company enterprises




SAP ERP implementation of SAP ERP at the OMK company enterprises


The United Metallurgical Company (OMK) is one of the largest Russian producers of products for power, transport and industrial companies: OMK produces pipes of various purpose, railway wheels, mill products. OMK includes: The OMK pipe complex (Vyksunsky Metallurgical Plant, Almetyevsky Pipe Plant, Trubodetal Plant and Casting and Rolling Complex. The main consumers of OMK products include the leading Russian and foreign companies: Gazprom, Russian Railways, LUKOIL, AK TRansneft, Surgutneftegaz, Rosneft, TNK-ВР, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, General Electric, Samsung. The OMK products are supplied to 20 countries of the world, over 18 thousand people are working at the holding enterprises.


To improve the enterprise manageability, the performance of the financial and economic sphere, sales, logistics, production planning, investments and capital construction projects management by implementing SAP ERP.

Implementation Description

Parma-Telecom LLC consultants took part in the implementation of the following business processes:

  • Financial asset accounting;
  • Investments and capital construction management.


As part of the Project Parma-Telecom LLC consultants achieved the following objectives:

  • System tested;
  • User training materials developed;
  • End users trained;
  • As a result of the pilot production operation of the system some issues and errors were eliminated;
  • User support performed.

Client's comment

"The consultants of the Parma-Telecom LLC demostrated deep knowledge of enterprise business processes and high professionalism during the implementation of the established objectives.
It should be stressed that the Contractor's consultants successfully and quickly understood the standard solution used in the OMK OJSC.
Our company expresses its gratitude to the Parma-Telecom LLC for the high level of professionalism, good results, benevolence to the Client and recommends it for the resolution of SAP-based management systems implementation issues."

Roshchin Yury Vladimirovich, Chief Information Officer of OMK CJSC

*- The project was implemented by the Parma-Telecom company (ITPS Group)

Feedback on the implementation of SAP ERP in OMK enterprises**

** The material is available in Russian version only

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