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  • New digital thinking. ITPS is ranked 16th in the top list of IT providers for industrial enterprises. 2018 CNews

New digital thinking. ITPS is ranked 16th in the top list of IT providers for industrial enterprises. 2018 CNews


Digital production today is more than a set of application systems. It is an integration of all production processes into a single intellectual environment, it is digital modelling technology, business analytics and Big Data, IIoT and a lot more. A growing demand for digital technologies at the end of 2018 was observed across almost all industries. In August, 201, CNews portal published The Top List of IT-Providers for Industrial Enterprises in 2018. ITPS Group is ranked 16th in the Top 50 of this List.

The “Digital economy” program is of utmost importance for the country -  both economically and strategically speaking. Of course, digital transformation of production is needed to boost  the competitiveness of Russian enterprises, including in the foreign markets. However, a no less important task is that of ensuring Russia’s technological sovereignty and to reduce its dependence on foreign vendors”, said the Head of ITPS Leonid Tikhomirov.

ITPS expertise in the digital transformation of production, as well as experience in development and implementation of Intellectual Digital Modules and Systems, is sought after in many industries. As explained by ITPS Director of Digital Production Alexey Mezentsev, enterprises’ growing interest in “smart” production is linked to an increase of the number of cases confirming the benefits of digitalization in practice. For example, digital production integration platform AVIST (Asset Virtualization System, ITPS in-house design) integrates all of a customer’s system software infrastructure for effective, streamlined management, which can successfully tackle current challenges in the field of asset management and human capital.

“Digital technologies that are integrated into a single technological outline and embedded in concrete business challenges and production cycles can virtually transform a company, enabling a rapid increase in performance, turnover and other indicators of effectiveness, as well as making official information transparent, and reducing downtime, failures, expenses and risks. That is why more and more Russian companies choose to go down the path of modernization, up-ending conventional approaches and moving towards new digital thinking. Today this process is much faster and easier than a few years ago. Now we - Russian IT companies - have a wealth of practical experience and our customers have an opportunity to choose the right tools from a large list of cross-industry solutions, including those of Russian design”, commented Alexey Mezentsev.

A letter of gratitude, addressed to Alexey Mezentsev from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Technologies of MIT of Russian Federation and FSUE “STC “Khimvest”.