ITPS Supports Regional Contest of Application Developers

September 8, 2015

For two consecutive years, ITPS Group has been a partner of the contest for application and service developers titled “Open Region. Hackathon”, organized by the Ministry of Information Development and Communications of the Perm Territory.

Last year, ITPS established the category “The Most Demanded Application” and supports it this year.

“We estimate the work in this category according to the following criteria: the project shall clearly determine the target audience, and the application shall be useful and user-friendly. ITPS established a prize for winning the category “The Most Demanded Application” – RUB 100,000 and salaried placement at the company for a month” - explained Aleksandr Rumyantsev, Director for Corporate Training and Scientific Work, ITPS Group.

The first stage of the hackathon, which started in June 2015, will end on September 30. By this date, the teams, which, under the terms of the contest, consist of three people, will have to create a mobile or web application based on open source data of the Perm Territory. Then the Expert Board of the contest will determine the list of teams which will present software products to the jury in person and answer questions of the experts. Based on the results of the presentations, the jury will select the most successful works. Contest winners will receive prizes provided by sponsors and partners of the event.

The objectives of the contest “Open Region. Hackathon” include increased awareness of citizens of the work of the state and local government authorities, effective communication between the society and the state, and development of the IT industry in the region. Last year, 10 teams vied for the victory, this year - 14 teams.

The hackathon of the last year was held as a part of the Perm Engineering and Industrial Forum. The Catglish team consisting of Ilya Kutsenko, Andrey Pechenezhsky and Ilya Shakirov won the category “The Most Demanded Application” established by ITPS. They developed the Mother Helper application, which contains information on various health-related institutions (pharmacies, clinics) and places for leisure activities with children, and thus enables scheduling of activities connected with child-rearing. This year, the Catglish team consisting of the same members, is again participating in the contest.

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