Moscow section of the international association of oil and gas engineers SPE analyzed the experience of digital field system implementation

June 2, 2015

On June 2-4, in Saint-Petersburg, an SPE technical conference “Digital Field Management” was held.

The conference was attended by representatives of service and consulting companies, executives and IT experts of JSC Gazpromneft, OC LUKOIL, and other major oil&gas and energy companies.

The main topics for discussion included real experience of digital field management system implementation, integrated modeling at various stages of the project life-cycle, achieved results, technologies and measuring tools for data collection and control, experience of foreign oil companies, and analysis of the world and Russian markets of integrated modeling.

For a long time, Russian oil and gas companies have successfully worked on iField projects, used a system approach to adoption of the digital field concept, and implemented multiple projects in the sphere.

Discussion on the last day of the conference “Digital Field - Vision and Experience” demonstrated that industry leading companies have made great progress in utilization of IAM and IAP. For some areas the production forecast accuracy is up to 95%.

Much interest was generated by the report on Integrated Planning of expert of ITPS Oleg Belousov regarding efficiency of IAP solution used at oil&gas production facilities. Basic planned effects include increasing planning accuracy and equipment reliability, reducing oil shortages and time spent on information analysis, and decreasing the probability of errors in the planning by IAP solution implementation.

According to feedback from the participants, the conference was interesting and useful, and provided much space for further discussion and development.

ITPS, as an active member of the SPE section, plans further participation in events of the section to share experience with colleagues and seek new solutions.

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