The seminar «Digital Oilfield: hands-on approach and experience of Petroleum Experts»

April 10, 2014

The event was devoted to the practical application of Petroleum Experts’ software in the projects «Digital Oilfields» by oil and gas producing companies all over the world, including Statoil, Shell, Total, BG, MAERSK and others.

The seminar gathered over 70 participants, including over 50 representatives of the leading oil and gas producing companies of Russia and the CIS – COOs, Chief Engineers, Chief Geologists, Managers and Specialists of Production Divisions of such companies as Rosneft, NOVATEK, Oil Company LUKOIL, Udmurtneft, RITEK, Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan, and some other companies.

The key topics of the event were:

- The approaches of Petroleum Experts to developing an integrated oil and gas fields model;

- Concept of architecture of the solution «Digital Oilfield».

In general, the seminar provided to its participants an unrivalled opportunity to understand the solutions and the project practice, demonstrated on the example of actual systems by the developers – the Petroleum Experts. The event also encouraged professional communication and provided extensive networking opportunities.

Videotaped messages:

First Day (09.04.14)

Second Day (10.04.14)

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