Est. 2007

IT Professional Solutions-Asia Foreign Enterprise in the form of a limited liability company (FE ITPS-Asia LLC) is an IT service and engineering company providing professional services in the field of information technologies and system integration of the oil-and-gas enterprises in the Central Asian region. The company's key competences include engineering services for the development and implementation of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), industrial and manufacturing facilities development in terms of the telecommunication systems, IT, telecommunication and CAM service maintenance.

Business Dimensions

  • Implementation and maintenance of the enterprise management systems (ERP, BI), enterprise content management systems (ECM);project management systems (EPPM); 
  • Manufacturing execution system (MES), automated technology process management systems (sensors, SCADA, DCS);
  • Implementation of web technologies, technologies for information system access from handheld devices, videocoferencing (Unified communications);
  • Telecommunications;
  • System integration;
  • Consulting services, development of IT infrastructure and basic IT services.


  • Comprehensive outsourcing of the information technology process, end user support within the framework of the project;
  • IT project realization from the framework development to practical implementation and commissioning;
  • Technical and preventive maintenance of the CAM equipment (over 3000 signals), computers and peripheral devices (over 400 units), data transmission systems (FOL over 300 km), radiophonic and trunk systems, local telecommunication networks;
  • Design, construction, commissioning and further maintenance of the production facilities and CAM systems for Oil & Gas companies.
  • The company's business has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 international quality standard (certifying body - Bureau Veritas Certification).

License of Uzbek Communication and Information Support Agency permitting the following activities: 

  • Design, construction and operation (maintenance) of mobile radiotelephony networks (radiophonic, trunk), license AA No.0004191; 
  • Design, construction and operation (maintenance) of local communication networks, license AA No.0004192;
  • Design, construction and operation (maintenance) of data transmission networks, license AA No.0004193.

​Geography of Activity

Central Asia

Contact Information

Beshegoch Street
Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100066
tel.: + 998 (71) 140 3720
fax: + 998 (71) 140 3730