ITPS Group Project in the focus of the ECM/EDMS Tadviser market review

ITPS Group Project in the focus of the ECM/EDMS Tadviser market review

October 13, 2014

Russian Internet-portal Tadviser has published the traditional market review of electronic document management systems as of the end of 2013.

According to the experts’ estimates, in 2013 the global market of ECM/EDMS grew by 8.6%, and in 2014 they also expect a stable growth.

As of the end of 2013, Russian market grew by 20%. The public sector is the undisputed leader among the industries by the number of implemented ECM/EDMS. The industries which actively implement electronic document management systems are the following: trade, construction, engineering, energy and others.

In general, analysts emphasize the scale of EDMS projects unlike other business systems. One of the clearest examples in this review is the project “Implementation of Project Design Document Management System in LUKOIL Overseas,” implemented by ITPS Group based on OpenText Content Server in the 2009-2012 (with the further development in 2013-2014). Currently, the vast majority of the capital projects of LUKOIL Overseas work in this system; the total number of users has exceeded 2,000.

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