Sergey Shashurin: interview for CIO journal

Sergey Shashurin: interview for CIO journal

March 18, 2013

IT-project – is project of business transformation

At the end of 2012 Lukoil Overseas Holding Ltd. completed the large-scale IT-project for introduction of integrated information system (IIS LME) at Lukoil Mid-East Ltd. One of the key contractors of the project was the ITPS Mid East company. In January, 2013 the IIS LME Project was acknowledged as the best industry solution in fuel and energy complex and became the winner of the tender "Project of the year" according to the official association of chief information officers of Russia GlobalCio.

CIO magazine published the interview with Sergey Shashurin, Head of IT department of Lukoil Overseas Holding Ltd., in its columns. In the article Sergey Shashurin told about the features of implementation and the first results of IIS LME project and also broached his opinion as for principles of intelligent implementation of IT, necessity for close relationship between IT and business, role of functional customer in initiation of IT-projects etc.

 You can read the interview with Sergey Shashurin here**

** The material is available in Russian version only

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